San Jose CA

Visit San Jose!

San Jose California. Home of warm weather and tons of activities. Sometimes, it can be hard to find fun things to do, or places near you, so we put together a list of some of the best stuff. We put a lot of thought into this list so hopefully it impacts you somehow during the road. To start our list of “places near me” when visiting the lovely San Jose, we have the Municipal Rose Garden. This place is absolutely magnificent and beautiful. It is a romantic site if you are looking to have a nice date at a location. You can walk around and see some of the nice looking plants and trees. The garden is really well maintained and clean. Make sure you find a time when everything is blossomed so that you get the full effect! If you aren’t as much into the out door stuff, no worries! We have the California Theatre for you. This place is near anyone that is in San Jose. The building itself is old and historic. That doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful though, because it is! Check it out to see any show and you will surely have an amazing time. More ideas of places may be on,  

Other amazing Places!

That wasn’t even the beginning of the places near me in San Jose! When in San Jose CA there are hundreds of places. Moving on down our list though, going back outside, the Rotary Play garden is somewhere that everyone should check out. There is a beautiful new playground that kids of all ages can enjoy when here. Many people like this place because of how people of all ages can enjoy it. Who doesn’t love to shop?? The answer is nobody. The East ridge shopping center has some of the best shopping in all of California. There isn’t a store that you won’t find here. Parking is good, and there is an awesome food court. Easily enough stuff for a whole day. These are only some of the places near me when located in San Jose California. You may find more on Bay Cities Asphalt & Brick Pavers

Recapping a Visit To Saratoga

Getting to a couple of more places, there are tons of fresh open markets that you can enjoy when in San Jose. One of the more notable ones includes the San Jose Flea Market. This is a perfect place to spend an entire afternoon because there is so much to do. Tons to see and buy. Another great place that is open to people of all ages which makes it easily for families. Well, if you are located in San Jose, these are some places that are surely “located near me”. Embrace it, you live in a great city with tons of great stuff around you. Hopefully you found something that you like off of our list. There is still tons more out there though so don’t give up! Make sure to give it a chance and check out some of the better places in the area based off of our list.